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Hose couplings are fittings installed at the end of a hose to allow for a safe and easy connection between units. Depending on the application and pressure rating, hose couplings are used on anything from agricultural water drainage to connecting jackhammer and air tool lines on construction sites. Most low pressure applications allow couplings to be fastened to the hose simply by compatible hose clamps, whereas some of the higher pressure industrial settings can be permanently crimped on to the hose ends.

Ball & Socket Couplings

Sometimes referred to as Bauer couplings, these hose couplings are designed with a high degree of rotation allowance, making it ideal in situations where the pipe or hose is not in perfect alignment. Constructed for reliability, the ball and socket shape along with a built in EPDM gasket seal creates a vacuum-tight connection when the locking level is latched to the opposite fitting. Used primarily in pump connections for irrigation systems, dewatering & drainage, dredging, and water transfer, the ball and socket couplings offer a strong, safe, quick, and flexible couple even in the roughest terrains.

Cam & Groove

Cam and Groove

Cam & Groove fittings are designed for simple personnel operation, and are interchangeable. To engage, the adapter slips into the coupler and with normal hand pressure, the operator pushes the levers down to secure the connection. Uncoupling consists of simply lifting the arms and removing the adapter. Most common styles feature hose barb, male pipe thread, or female pipe thread opposite of the coupler. G&H stocks a selection of aluminum plated and polypropylene cam and groove products.

Cam & Groove Styles

Ground Joints

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Sandblast / Chicago

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