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G&H is a leading supplier of pressure washer hoses in the Upper Midwest. With unsurpassed high pressure hose quality, we are able to supply the region with a large range of pressure washer hose styles at a variety of lengths. We know that each application influences hose requirements, which is why we make it our mission to provide our customers with the right hose for the right job.

Pressure Washer HoseNow stocking a selection of blue and black pressure washer hose, rigid or swivel ends, hose guards, bend restrictors, filters, high pressure spray guns, quick and twist couplers, molded grip pressure spray gun extensions, and more. We also make up custom pressure washer hose assembly lengths upon request. 

Pressure Washer Hose

Pressure Washer Hoses

G&H is one of the leading suppliers of  pressure washer hose in the region. With a large stocking product selection including 1-Wire 4000psi, 2-Wire 6000psi, Blue Non-Marking, and Smooth Cover hose, G&H is able to supply a pressure washer hose for virtually any need. Sold in both bulk hose or in custom hose assemblies. See the chart for our current pressure washer hose product stock list.
Stocking Pressure Washer Hose

Pressure Washer Couplings

Straight-Through Quick Couplers function like traditional quick coupler mechanisms but are not designed with internal valves, this provides maximum flow with minimum pressure drop within the line. Available with plugs in both steel and brass material, these couplings easily interchange between other pressure washer couplings such as the Dixon E-Series, Parker ST-Series, Foster FST-Series, Tomco Series-ST, and Hansen ST-Series.

Karcher style swiveling couplings are available in both 1/4" and 3/8" sizes. Featuring  a swiveling coupler designed specifically for manual tightening without need for tools, the coupler is simply twisted tight on to the fixed adapter to create a secure leak-proof seal from the power washer to the hose. rated for 3650 psi working pressure and a maximum temperature of 300°F.

Also Available:

Quick Connect Spray Tips

0° - 15° - 25° - 40°

Pressure Spray Guns

5000psi - 3/8" Inlet x 1/4" Outlet


Molded Grip Extensions

24" - 36" - 48"

Foamers, Roto Nozzles, & Filters

1/4" Inlets