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Fire fittings & Tools

adapters, hose, nozzles, & tools

Mill Discharge Hose Assembly

     G&H stocks fire hydrant adapters,              tools and hose nozzles!

Connecting to hydrants are difficult if you don't have the right equipment or tools, at G&H we want you to be able to supply with the tools and adapters needed to keep your job running smoothly and on schedule.

Fire hydrants are designed with an American Standard Fire Hose Coupling Thread, known as NST or National Standard Thread. Our line of hydrant adapters, hex nipples, and swivel adapters connect the hydrant’s NST and equip the hydrant with a National Pipe Thread (NPT) end. For water applications, we carry a variety of Brass and Thermoplastic Fog Nozzles. Our select fog nozzles can adjust from shut-off to straight stream and fog spray patterns with a simple twist of the nozzle. Depending on the style, fog nozzles can connect to garden hose thread (GHT), pipe thread (NPT), and fire hose thread (NST).

Get the right tool for working with fire equipment with our selection of Spanner and Hydrant Wrenches. We supply common tool for hydrant applications.